International Trademark (Madrid)

International Trademark Registration (Madrid System): A Global Approach to Protecting Your Brand


Expanding your business beyond borders requires a comprehensive approach to protect your brand identity and trademarks worldwide. The Madrid System, administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for international trademark registration. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of the Madrid System and guide you through the process of securing international trademark protection for your brand.

  • Understanding the Madrid System:

1.1 What is the Madrid System?

The Madrid System is an international treaty that simplifies the process of registering and managing trademarks in multiple countries. It allows trademark owners to file a single application, known as an “International Application,” in their home country and extend protection to over 125 member countries through the WIPO.

1.2 Advantages of the Madrid System:

The Madrid System offers several key advantages for international trademark registration:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Filing a single international application is often more cost-effective than submitting individual applications in each target country.
  • Streamlined Process: The Madrid System simplifies the administrative burden of managing multiple trademark registrations.
  • Flexibility: You can add new countries to your trademark protection at any time after the initial filing.
  • Eligibility for International Trademark Registration:

2.1 Home Application Requirement:

To use the Madrid System, you must have a valid and pending or registered trademark application or registration in your home country (a “basic application” or “basic registration”).

2.2 Designating Member Countries:

You can designate one or more member countries where you seek trademark protection.

  • The International Trademark Registration Process:

3.1 File a Home Application:

Start by filing a trademark application in your home country. Ensure that the mark, goods, and services are accurately specified.

3.2 Submit the International Application:

After receiving your home country’s trademark application, apply for international registration through the Madrid System using the appropriate form and fee payment.

3.3 WIPO Examination:

The WIPO will review your application to ensure it meets the required formalities.

3.4 Designation of Member Countries:

Indicate the member countries where you want to extend trademark protection.

  • Subsequent Designations and Renewals:

4.1 Adding New Member Countries:

In the future, you can add new member countries to your existing international registration through subsequent designations.

4.2 Renewals:

Renew your international trademark registration every ten years to maintain protection in all designated member countries.


The Madrid System provides an efficient and cost-effective approach to securing international trademark protection for your brand. By using this system, you can extend your trademark’s reach to multiple countries without navigating complex individual registration processes. Take advantage of the Madrid System’s benefits to safeguard your brand identity on a global scale, enabling your business to thrive in the international marketplace.


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